Stag Wines - The Most Elusive Wine Bar

Citizens of the World was commissioned to cover and produce the content for the Most Elusive Bar by Stag Wines.. No small feat. Not only was I was engaged to gather stills of the event - but also video content. Which meant, flights from Sydney to Albury-Wodonga. Then helicopter flights up to Falls Creek. The event started with wines at the top of the world at Falls Creek, then moving over to the bar, via the Falls Creek BWM transports.

From there - an amazing meal. Great wines and a great bunch of people.

Could you ask for anything more?

CBA - Annual Report

Yes - I do love to shooting food - how ever portraits and lifestyle are a huge passion of my also.  So when I was commissioned by BWD Creative to produce images for the CBA annual reports I jumped at it.  Of course. 

It saw a family through numerous scenarios in their daily life from home, cafes and the beach.

You can view the reports here.


CBA_Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 4.24.06 pm.png
CBAScreen Shot 2018-01-19 at 4.24.15 pm.png

Australian Beef Campaign - BEEF THE GREATEST

This was a beast of a campaign.

It was ran off the back of Citizens of the World.

Although this was content for Australian Beef and was apart of the #BeeftheGreatest campaign. Citizens had some social media commitments while we were on the trip which meant editing and posting on the run.

The campaign it self was five days of travel from Sydney - Orange - Back to Sydney - Tasmania (via Melbourne) - back to Melbourne and over to the Gippsland Victoria to finish the series. Sunrises, sunsets and a whole lot of meat! To turn around these four videos under four weeks. One from each location and an overall cut. The content was, created, concepted, filmed and edited by Citizens Content.