Georg Jensen X Sydney Ballet at Benelong, Sydney Opera House

It is always a pleasure being called upon as the photographer for Georg Jensen.  Their events are usually spectacular but relaxed and this one for the the launch of the Zaha Hadid collection was no exception.  Again, my team and I were given the task to capture video content and imagery with - what I think - were spectacular results.



David Jones - Jessica Gomes - Look Good Feel Better Campaign

You might feel that when I get to shooting someone like Jessica Gomes you'd probably think that you have hours or setup lighting, control and management of talent.  Although this isn't always the case.  This job was prime example of that.  With a variation of 6 images and 2 different backgrounds I had under an hour to pull if off and only about 20 mins with Jess.  Stressful - but I was really happy with the result.

Dr Oetker's - Remote Risteronti - Dirk Hartog Island

If you have ever been to Dirk Hartog Island - you'll know what I'm about to say.  It is in the middle of no where.  Especially from Sydney. 

We, Citizens of the World and I were commissioned by Haystac to cover the launch of the Dr Oetker's pizza, Remote Risteronti which was situated on the Island.  Remote Risteronti was just that - remote.  Let me just give you an idea what it took for a 4hr job. Friday morning around 7am I hopped on a plane from Sydney to Melbourne, with a quick stop then off to Perth followed by a extremely quick stop and up to Geraldton.   Where the team of bandits was formed.  A video crew, Tully Smyth (a hilarious influencer) and the client made up a convoy of 2 Mitsubishi Pajeros.  From here we drove - 4hrs North through some of the most spectacular landscapes and canola fields you have ever seen, to arrive in Hamelin Pools to the most interesting Carvan Park in Australia but luckily which included the best Burgers in the World (self claimed).  We all crashed out - full to the brim with a good Aussie Burger, yes that includes egg and beetroot at about around 10pm exhausted and possibly a little concerned that we might be missing someone by morning light.  As the sun rose - so did we.  Packed the car and drove another 250km.  Although this was no standard walk in your park highway.  It was the WORST corrugated road you have ever been down and it didn't stop.  From 6am we drove - and drove only to arrive at 3pm.  However, the violent vibrating of the car was was continually eroded by the most incredible views you have seen.

I arrived at 36hrs later at the most westerly point of Australia exhausted - but on the biggest high I ever been on.  We worked till about 10pm again - then left the next morning at 5am to do it all again! 

Jesinta Campbell for Daily Mail

Last week I had the chance to photograph Jesinta Campbell for the Daily Mail.  She has been announced as the new ambassador for the the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival.  If you are running it - good luck! If you have seen how Jesinta trains - you'll need it!! 

I was told to avoid the stock standard 'I'm running an event' poses I was told to aim for more of a sexy stance so don't expect to see any hamstrings being lengthened. 

David Jones - Spring Summer 2015

Being a Sydney event photographer is a tough gig sometimes... Haha not really. Sometimes I need to pinch myself, especially when I'm running around as a social photographer at the David Jones Spring Summer 2015 show and rubbing shoulders with some of Australia's top celebs from Demi Harman, Buddy Franklin, Samara Weaving, Nicole Warne, Margaret Zhang and as well as Gigi Hadid to name a few.  Then to carry on working backstage shooting some of Australia's most talented models, Jesinta Campbell, Jessica Gomes and Montana Cox ... It's a really tough life!

Red Bull Billy Carts

I'm sure if you're sitting down in your office and someone asked you to join the Red Bull Billy Cart race you might snigger and think 'meh, that's child's play'.

It was, until Red Bull came along and we all know they don't do things in halves.  

Below is the cart designer Damien Morris and the the Budgie Boyz pit crew. Yesterday I was enlisted to capture their prized cart in all its glory and I have to say, I'm pretty impressed.