AUDI doesn't just do cars. AUDI Service Centre Sydney

You can't miss it.  If you have been to the airport or coming back to the city you and winding your way day toward the Eastern Distributor you'll see it in all of its multi award-winning aluminum glory.  The build itself is a dreamy as the cars sitting inside it. The Audi Sydney City Centre.  I remember driving past it - hoping I would have the chance to photograph it.  At the time I was shooting mostly architecture and to me the Audi centre was the pinnacle to design and shape.  I hadn't seen any thing like it in Sydney.  Now, If you are lucky enough to fall into that 1% tax bracket you will be definitely be lucky enough to drive your shiny new AUDI into the the AUDI service care centre in Waterloo Sydney.  If not - you can just look here.... and dream - like the other 99% of us.