Australian Beef Campaign - BEEF THE GREATEST

This was a beast of a campaign.

It was ran off the back of Citizens of the World.

Although this was content for Australian Beef and was apart of the #BeeftheGreatest campaign. Citizens had some social media commitments while we were on the trip which meant editing and posting on the run.

The campaign it self was five days of travel from Sydney - Orange - Back to Sydney - Tasmania (via Melbourne) - back to Melbourne and over to the Gippsland Victoria to finish the series. Sunrises, sunsets and a whole lot of meat! To turn around these four videos under four weeks. One from each location and an overall cut. The content was, created, concepted, filmed and edited by Citizens Content.


China Diner - Double Bay

Commissioned by Sweaty Betty PR to shoot food and drinks menu for the opening of the new China Diner restaurant in Double Bay, Sydney.

Aside from loving the delicious food that this restaurant produces, I always love an opportunity on a shoot where I can incorporate the setting and atmosphere of the place into my images.

In this case, I have used a red filter on my back-lighting to produce a subtle, yet rich, red coloured highlight across the sides of the cutlery, plates and glassware to tie the imagery to the aesthetic and ambience of the restaurant.


AUDI doesn't just do cars. AUDI Service Centre Sydney

You can't miss it.  If you have been to the airport or coming back to the city you and winding your way day toward the Eastern Distributor you'll see it in all of its multi award-winning aluminum glory.  The build itself is a dreamy as the cars sitting inside it. The Audi Sydney City Centre.  I remember driving past it - hoping I would have the chance to photograph it.  At the time I was shooting mostly architecture and to me the Audi centre was the pinnacle to design and shape.  I hadn't seen any thing like it in Sydney.  Now, If you are lucky enough to fall into that 1% tax bracket you will be definitely be lucky enough to drive your shiny new AUDI into the the AUDI service care centre in Waterloo Sydney.  If not - you can just look here.... and dream - like the other 99% of us.

Two houses for the price of one.. or not - Benn and Penna Architects

If living with the parents was your only option to owning an awesome house - this would be it.  You are next door - but you aren't next. With a cute little access at the base of the garden between each home. Its like one house - but it doesn't have to be. You wouldn't even know its there.  Perfect. 


There is something special about being with in arms reach of an animal that could potentially kill you.  You rise a 5am pile in to a open sided 4x4 Land Cruiser and set out.  The sun hasn't risen the air is cold, really cold, luckily we are provided with blanks which we wrap up in like burritos.  I'm in Chobe Game Lodge in Botswana.  We are on the hunt for the big 5.

My rifles - a 200-400mm and 2.0x extender, 70-200mm amongst others and a D800 and a D4s. 

It is an experience that I will never forget and I hope I can relive.