Maserati - Mothers Day Classic Polo

I'm sure you can understand my excitement when Maserati called to book me for this. I don't believe you if you say you haven't perved on one, as its drive down the street with that distinctive growl - even in low revs.  It makes my neck hairs stand on end.  So when the call came through to shoot the Polo Society's Mothers Day Polo at Kurri Burri Polo Club - I understandably jumped at it. "You mean, I'm going to get paid to photograph cars?!"

The "where to eat" dilemma sloved... Bestest Gala Dinner

We've all been there.  It's a Friday night - you're cashed up, have a date, but can't decide where to eat.  The choice is just endless in Sydney.  The Bestest Gala Dinner has solved all of your problems. It invites 30 of Australia's top chefs, including Guillaume Brahimi, Matt Moran and Peter Gilmore,  to name a few, to cook for you and 30 other tables of 10.  Live entertainment was also included, with special guest Anja Nissen of The Voice.  Not bad for about $1000.00 a seat.  But you can definitely feel good about it, all of that money (otherwise squandered at the pub) goes straight to those who need it most, kids with serious illnesses.

Getting in amongst chefs cooking up a storm is possibly my favorite kind of job when it comes to event photography.  Shooting food is really hard.  Shooting, socials, portraits, sponsorships and then food, while they are trying to cater 300 people is crazy - but crazy fun!  Thinking quick on your feet, putting yourself in the right place at right time, controlling your lighting all before its gone is FULL on.  But as you can see the finish product is all worth it.

Creating a video was also on the cards that night.  No easy feat.  But it was done.