Georg Jensen x Kellie Hush

Part two of Georg Jensen's '50 Years of Vivianna' campaign, featuring portraits of Carla Zampatti and Kellie Hush.


The Merivales

I have been Merivales photographer for about 4 years now.  When I attend a Merivale event you can see why Merivale bars and restaurants are so successful.  However,  when you attend their awards night, The Merivales it just reinforces it.  With over 1000 happy, proud and excited staff attending the Merivales are just another way that Justin Hemmes gives back to the staff.  I am also very proud to be a event photographer for group! 

MKGS Constructions - The Ponds

This has to be possibly one of the nicest commercial work spaces that I have shot.  Complete with copper paneled walls, plywood roofing with black features and parquetry tiled flooring.  This build was by MKGS Constructions and was completed in under 4 weeks.  Impressive.

Greenwood - Food

If you grew up on the North Shore you'd probably remember the Greenwood as a Thursday night institution. I can vouch that many huge nights have been had there. While I've enjoyed much of what's on offer over the bar, I've never taken the time to enjoy the food.

This was rectified last week when I was asked to capture the venue's updated menu. As you can see, like the rest of the venue, they specialise in all the crowd favourites and had me seriously hungry by the end of the session.

TIP: Ask for their award-winning meat pie. Its not just hyperbole, it'll ruin you for all other pies.

Turia Pitt - Daily Mail

My wife and I (along with the rest of Australia) have long been inspired by Turia Pitt's story so it was a sheer pleasure to meet her in person recently. An even bigger joy to have been able to capture her image. As you can see in these shots, Turia proves that true beauty is about the spirit that emanates from within. This woman has spirit in spades.

The images were also featured on the Daily Mail.