Red Bull Billy Carts

I'm sure if you're sitting down in your office and someone asked you to join the Red Bull Billy Cart race you might snigger and think 'meh, that's child's play'.

It was, until Red Bull came along and we all know they don't do things in halves.  

Below is the cart designer Damien Morris and the the Budgie Boyz pit crew. Yesterday I was enlisted to capture their prized cart in all its glory and I have to say, I'm pretty impressed.


Piazzo Doro - Food and Lifestyle Campaign

I have been getting a lot of food and lifestyle photography work recently - I'm definitely not complaining.  This campaign ran by The Mint Partners was to create and capture a full years worth of social and digital content for both editorial and advertising.  Plus there was heaps of Piazza Doro coffee


This is my third trip back to Catalina's now and to answer your question, The lamb is still my favourite and you have to try the Strawberry meringues.  This is part of their social photography campaign ran by Sweaty Betty.

Kylie Kwong X Wish Magazine

I'm continually stoked when the picture editor for Wish calls me for the next little gig and I actually cry a little every time I can't do it.  I feel as though it has really shaped my portraiture.

Usually when I'm shooting for a specific client you have to be quite safe while capturing images to ensure that they get the most versatility out of the images.  With Wish - they want us to push the creativity, which is perfect.

Kylie's shoot was a tough one, just because it was right in the middle of the day.  It was more about controlling harsh shadows rather then using the sun to you advantage and creating nice shadows and depths.  It was safer to shoot it with a clean flat flash - but not direct.  I can't stand direct flash lighting - it reminds me of something a paparazzi would do.

The article was online and print (below).


Life CAN be perfect with Bollinger.

It's not often that I'm up in Palm Beach.  But when you get there you never want to leave.   So it was a pleasure when I was asked to photograph and film the "Life can be perfect" event by Bollinger at the renowned Boat House.  If only I had a scooter man to drive me home - cause its a long way.