Married at First Sight - Michelle Worsley -

If you haven't heard - it was a little bit of a scandal - Michelle Worsley from the TV show Married at First Sight was actually married before the show - shock horror...  As the article on the Daily Mail reads.

Don't worry I don't want to get involved I just liked taking the photos. The shoot had perfect symmetry with my wedding business - Match and Feather

Greenwood - Food

If you grew up on the North Shore you'd probably remember the Greenwood as a Thursday night institution. I can vouch that many huge nights have been had there. While I've enjoyed much of what's on offer over the bar, I've never taken the time to enjoy the food.

This was rectified last week when I was asked to capture the venue's updated menu. As you can see, like the rest of the venue, they specialise in all the crowd favourites and had me seriously hungry by the end of the session.

TIP: Ask for their award-winning meat pie. Its not just hyperbole, it'll ruin you for all other pies.

Kylie Kwong X Wish Magazine

I'm continually stoked when the picture editor for Wish calls me for the next little gig and I actually cry a little every time I can't do it.  I feel as though it has really shaped my portraiture.

Usually when I'm shooting for a specific client you have to be quite safe while capturing images to ensure that they get the most versatility out of the images.  With Wish - they want us to push the creativity, which is perfect.

Kylie's shoot was a tough one, just because it was right in the middle of the day.  It was more about controlling harsh shadows rather then using the sun to you advantage and creating nice shadows and depths.  It was safer to shoot it with a clean flat flash - but not direct.  I can't stand direct flash lighting - it reminds me of something a paparazzi would do.

The article was online and print (below).


Life CAN be perfect with Bollinger.

It's not often that I'm up in Palm Beach.  But when you get there you never want to leave.   So it was a pleasure when I was asked to photograph and film the "Life can be perfect" event by Bollinger at the renowned Boat House.  If only I had a scooter man to drive me home - cause its a long way.


There is something special about being with in arms reach of an animal that could potentially kill you.  You rise a 5am pile in to a open sided 4x4 Land Cruiser and set out.  The sun hasn't risen the air is cold, really cold, luckily we are provided with blanks which we wrap up in like burritos.  I'm in Chobe Game Lodge in Botswana.  We are on the hunt for the big 5.

My rifles - a 200-400mm and 2.0x extender, 70-200mm amongst others and a D800 and a D4s. 

It is an experience that I will never forget and I hope I can relive.