Swimwear in Hawaii (Wilhelmina Models)

I can't stop working.  That's one thing you should probably know about me.  Its not that I'm a work-a-holic.  I love what I do.  If I'm not working on my own business then I'm working on my passion project Citizens of the World.   It's something that my wife and I love working on for all different reasons.  Travel, fashion, interiors and just general lifestyle is some thing that we are both passionate about and all are things I LOVE to work on and shoot.  I/we wouldn't have it any other way. 

This shoot is one example why I wouldn't change it.  For one - I think that it looks amazing and it's fun to produce content that no other person will replicate - they can try - but it will never be the same.  Interiors are different - you can copy it exactly... which has happened.  But ultimately we love to meet these amazing people on the other side of the world to share a day, stories life and experiences.  They are Citizens of the World, even if they are in just swimwear. 

Big thanks to Jennifer and Yashria from Wilhelmina Models HawaiiTriangle, Riah Swimwear and Zigi Lane