Audi - Fall Creek

I finally go this up.  I don't know why it took so long really! Last year I had the pleasure to traveling to Falls Creek with Audi.   Although the record dump of snow put a serious dampener on our photo shoot it did lend it self to some seriously awesome photos that I'm still super proud of this! 

I braved a blizzard in sub zero temperatures while setting up the night shots.   I don't think that my gear was very happy with me.  As the eye piece and lens hood quickly filled with snow.  The next day - was our time to shoot.  Unfortunately our cars were under 2 meters of snow which we had to dig out! Well done to the QT Hotel Team for digging it out they would have had a busy day!

Maserati - Mothers Day Classic Polo

I'm sure you can understand my excitement when Maserati called to book me for this. I don't believe you if you say you haven't perved on one, as its drive down the street with that distinctive growl - even in low revs.  It makes my neck hairs stand on end.  So when the call came through to shoot the Polo Society's Mothers Day Polo at Kurri Burri Polo Club - I understandably jumped at it. "You mean, I'm going to get paid to photograph cars?!"