China Diner - Double Bay

Commissioned by Sweaty Betty PR to shoot food and drinks menu for the opening of the new China Diner restaurant in Double Bay, Sydney.

Aside from loving the delicious food that this restaurant produces, I always love an opportunity on a shoot where I can incorporate the setting and atmosphere of the place into my images.

In this case, I have used a red filter on my back-lighting to produce a subtle, yet rich, red coloured highlight across the sides of the cutlery, plates and glassware to tie the imagery to the aesthetic and ambience of the restaurant.


Pretty much starving all the time - Catalina's Food

It has happened a lot in my career.  Staring through the lens at delicious mouth-watering food, an intoxicating aromas waft up through the camera.  You spend 10-15 mins (hopefully), arranging, moving, poking, spraying and perfecting.  All the while thinking how nice it would be to eat.  Just when you finish.  Its taken away from you and its gone, just for another delight to be placed down.  So if you look at these from images Catalina for their new menu and your mouth starts watering and you want to lick the screen, I have done my job. With a perfect synergy we featured on it on Citizens of the World.

I LOVE shooting food. We managed to spray out 4 mains 4 entrees and 4 mains with some grouping shots in 3hrs.  Not bad at all.

I did come back the month later to cover off there bar menu also.  My client Roxy Jacenko owner of Sweaty Betty couldn't have made me feel any better after the result when she emailed me with this: "PS - I cannot fault your work x"