Jesinta Campbell for Daily Mail

Last week I had the chance to photograph Jesinta Campbell for the Daily Mail.  She has been announced as the new ambassador for the the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival.  If you are running it - good luck! If you have seen how Jesinta trains - you'll need it!! 

I was told to avoid the stock standard 'I'm running an event' poses I was told to aim for more of a sexy stance so don't expect to see any hamstrings being lengthened. 

Married at First Sight - Michelle Worsley -

If you haven't heard - it was a little bit of a scandal - Michelle Worsley from the TV show Married at First Sight was actually married before the show - shock horror...  As the article on the Daily Mail reads.

Don't worry I don't want to get involved I just liked taking the photos. The shoot had perfect symmetry with my wedding business - Match and Feather

Turia Pitt - Daily Mail

My wife and I (along with the rest of Australia) have long been inspired by Turia Pitt's story so it was a sheer pleasure to meet her in person recently. An even bigger joy to have been able to capture her image. As you can see in these shots, Turia proves that true beauty is about the spirit that emanates from within. This woman has spirit in spades.

The images were also featured on the Daily Mail.