Georg Jensen x Carla Zampatti

Stills and video from a campaign shot for Georg Jensen with the amazing Carla Zampatti, celebrating 50 years of design collaboration with Vivianna Torun.

Georg Jensen - Carla Zampatti - 1108170958.jpg
Georg Jensen - Carla Zampatti - 1108171045.jpg
Georg Jensen - Carla Zampatti - 1108171121.jpg

Married at First Sight - Michelle Worsley -

If you haven't heard - it was a little bit of a scandal - Michelle Worsley from the TV show Married at First Sight was actually married before the show - shock horror...  As the article on the Daily Mail reads.

Don't worry I don't want to get involved I just liked taking the photos. The shoot had perfect symmetry with my wedding business - Match and Feather

MKGS Constructions - The Ponds

This has to be possibly one of the nicest commercial work spaces that I have shot.  Complete with copper paneled walls, plywood roofing with black features and parquetry tiled flooring.  This build was by MKGS Constructions and was completed in under 4 weeks.  Impressive.

Piazzo Doro - Food and Lifestyle Campaign

I have been getting a lot of food and lifestyle photography work recently - I'm definitely not complaining.  This campaign ran by The Mint Partners was to create and capture a full years worth of social and digital content for both editorial and advertising.  Plus there was heaps of Piazza Doro coffee


This is my third trip back to Catalina's now and to answer your question, The lamb is still my favourite and you have to try the Strawberry meringues.  This is part of their social photography campaign ran by Sweaty Betty.