Hunter Valley Uncorked Event

The Hunter Valley Uncorked Event brings the best of The Hunter down to Avalon Beach.
The Village Green at Dunbar Park came alive with the some of the greatest pleasures from Australia’s oldest wine region and was indeed a pleasure to shoot as the tastes, sights and sounds of the Hunter Valley merged laid-back coastal lifestyle of Avalon.


David Jones - Spring Summer 2015

Being a Sydney event photographer is a tough gig sometimes... Haha not really. Sometimes I need to pinch myself, especially when I'm running around as a social photographer at the David Jones Spring Summer 2015 show and rubbing shoulders with some of Australia's top celebs from Demi Harman, Buddy Franklin, Samara Weaving, Nicole Warne, Margaret Zhang and as well as Gigi Hadid to name a few.  Then to carry on working backstage shooting some of Australia's most talented models, Jesinta Campbell, Jessica Gomes and Montana Cox ... It's a really tough life!

Maserati - Mothers Day Classic Polo

I'm sure you can understand my excitement when Maserati called to book me for this. I don't believe you if you say you haven't perved on one, as its drive down the street with that distinctive growl - even in low revs.  It makes my neck hairs stand on end.  So when the call came through to shoot the Polo Society's Mothers Day Polo at Kurri Burri Polo Club - I understandably jumped at it. "You mean, I'm going to get paid to photograph cars?!"

Life CAN be perfect with Bollinger.

It's not often that I'm up in Palm Beach.  But when you get there you never want to leave.   So it was a pleasure when I was asked to photograph and film the "Life can be perfect" event by Bollinger at the renowned Boat House.  If only I had a scooter man to drive me home - cause its a long way.

The other liquid gold - Grey Goose taste by appointment

Taste, like most things is completely subjective. It's like how people wonder if the colour they see the same as the colour their friends see. This, of course, is the same with taste.  Taste can be taught well, realised and broken down.  Joe McCanta, the Grey Goose ambassador to explains to a table at Gowings Bar and Grill of around 20 that there are 6 types of taste,  sweetness, sourness, bitterness, Savouriness (Umami) and astringency.  From this knowledge Joe masterfully creates the most delicious cocktails... so I've been told - no drinking on the job.

Shooting in the Gowings Bar and Grill's private dinning is a challenge.  With low lighting, dark features and a black roof you can't really use bounce flash to get some nice shadows and contrast. Even with the low lighting capabilities of the Nikon D4s the light wasn't even all worked nicely in some shots.  To save the situation I setup 2 remote speed lights in either end of the room to give some nice contrast without flashing right in the media's faces.