Australian Beef Campaign - BEEF THE GREATEST

This was a beast of a campaign.

It was ran off the back of Citizens of the World.

Although this was content for Australian Beef and was apart of the #BeeftheGreatest campaign. Citizens had some social media commitments while we were on the trip which meant editing and posting on the run.

The campaign it self was five days of travel from Sydney - Orange - Back to Sydney - Tasmania (via Melbourne) - back to Melbourne and over to the Gippsland Victoria to finish the series. Sunrises, sunsets and a whole lot of meat! To turn around these four videos under four weeks. One from each location and an overall cut. The content was, created, concepted, filmed and edited by Citizens Content.


West Head Walk Sydney

Some times you need to just to something for yourself - well ... Citizens of the World.  Or at least you just need to be surrounded by nature.  Thank God for Sydney - It doesn't take long to find it.  If you are bored this weekend - make sure you make a trip out to West Head and do the bush walk.  You'll thank yourself!