Nutella Food Truck by Dominic Loneragan


Shooting food is one of my favourite things to do but not for just the obvious reasons (the tasting part is a pretty nice bonus though). 
I love having that time to work with in-studio lighting and seeing how different techniques can bring out the best in what's on the plate.

Working with a huge brand such as Nutella just adds a little extra excitement to the shoot as well and I'm pretty proud of the results.


There were two components this shoot. Day one was focused around capturing the food truck offerings. While day two was more focused on at home recipes.

You can view some of the media pick up from the shoots here:

Buro 24/7



Barrel Hall @ Taylor's Wines by Dominic Loneragan

This was probably one of my favourite shoots in set over 2 trips and a couple of days each trip this Barrel room and Cooping shoot were a couple of my highlight days.  With some really difficult lighting situations I took full advantage of my studio lighting and lighting experience.

Chargrill Charlies by Dominic Loneragan

The humble chicken shop is a big deal for Australians.

Traditionally consisting of a small nondescript corner-store with a rolling rotisserie, a spread salads. It's one of our country's great unifiers because no matter your status and style, we all come together over our love of meat and roasted vegetables.

But in a sea of chicken shops Chargrill Charlie's stands out.

For those not from Sydney, these guys are an institution and almost a rite of passage for any self-respecting foodie.

Famous for their celebrity fans (including Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe, with Justin Beiber recently bringing his entourage to their Mosman store) as they are for their burgers, if you come to Sydney you have to make at least one stop here.

I was recently hired to capture the updated Chargrill Charlie's menu, as well as portraits with Steph Treeallen and Ella Dumbrell, the women behind @kolideinsta.

The challenge with capturing burgers is maintaining gloss and freshness even under strong lighting. It's not about using food styling gimmicks but rather working extremely quickly.

So what you're seeing is food shot at its preparation peak, exactly as it arrives when you order.

The Fish House - Burleigh Heads by Dominic Loneragan

Ok, technically I'm not in Queensland right now but my heart is definitely still there ever since I flew up to capture The Fish House on the beautiful shores of Burleigh Heads. 
I fall in love with the north coast more every time my job takes me there.

What I love about photographing the food scene in Australia is how we do fine-dining in our own unique way. Our chefs don't seem bound by tradition which means they're free to experiment, resulting in dishes marry a multitude of cultures.